Budget-Friendly Ways to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

Tactfully Arrange Your Furniture

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If you have enough space for a shuffle round, switching up your furniture layout could be a great way to keep things cosy. For example, if your radiator is being blocked by furniture, your room won’t heat up very evenly, so a little manoeuvring might go a long way. Additionally, if your seating area is close to the window, consider reworking your furniture plan so that you aren’t close to a draught while you’re trying to snuggle up in front of the TV.

Book a Checkup on Your Boiler

Your boiler works hard over the wintertime, but those stagnant months in summer could have triggered an issue with your central heating. Lack of use could cause the pump or valve to seize up, so it’s important to get it checked as we head into winter. A certified technician can make sure your heating system is in good condition, identify any potential issues, and perform any necessary maintenance. This will ensure that your system is running efficiently throughout the season while also extending its lifespan – saving you more money in the long run.

Use Your Heating System Efficiently

Adjusting heating

When the cold seeps in, it’s tempting to switch on your heating and crank it right up. However, the best way to heat your home efficiently and effectively is to keep your heating on a constant low setting, rather than switching it on and off for short bursts of heat. It’s important to get to grips with your thermostat and its timer settings if you want to get the most for your money.

Draught-Proof Windows and Doors

Most homes lose heat through tiny cracks around the doors and windows and gaps in the floor. Draught-proofing is an affordable remedy which could even save you money in the long run and immediately make your home more comfortable. Use self-adhesive draught-excluder strips around the edges of your windows, hang heavy curtains that extend below the windowsills, and invest in some fluffy draught excluders for your doors.

Stop Your Chimney From Causing Draughts

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If you have an unused fireplace, you might notice an unshakable draught. This is because a huge amount of heat can escape through your chimney. You can block your unused chimney with a chimney balloon or even an old pillow if it’s causing a chill. However, make sure to do your research first and proceed with caution, as an inadequately blocked chimney can result in your home overheating.

Check Your Radiators

It’s important to check your radiators regularly throughout the winter months while they’re being used more frequently. If you feel any cold spots on your radiators, it might be time to bleed them as this indicates that there is trapped air inside. Pockets of air prevent warm water from circulating in your radiators, and this means you’ll end up using more energy than necessary when trying to heat up the house.

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